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Does the new Honda Accord have 4G LTE Wi-Fi?

By blogsadmin | Posted in Honda Accord, Technology on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 at 9:47 pm
2018 Honda Accord Sport side view

2018 Honda Accord technology

An all-new Accord means a whole lot of exciting technology. See for yourself as we dive into the latest 2018 Honda Accord technology. We will talk about the sound system, infotainment system, and even the exciting new wireless technology that’s available in this Honda sedan.

2018 Honda Accord interior side view4G LTE with in-car Wi-Fi

It was big news when Honda announced that it would offer 4G LTE on the 2018 Honda Odyssey. Now they are taking things a step further and including it on the all-new Honda Accord. Not only will this enable you to treat your car as a Wi-Fi hotspot once you sign up for a data plan, but now your Honda Accord can receive over-the-air system updates. The future is finally here.

The all-new Accord is also set to offer the next generation of HondaLink. New capabilities of this system include remote locking and unlocking, remote engine start, remote diagnostics, speed tracking, geofencing, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, and more.

Other available wireless features include automatic Bluetooth phone pairing with near field communication, wireless device charging, and more. The infotainment system even features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

2018 Honda Accord interior2018 Accord infotainment system

The new Accord features an all-new 8-inch Display Audio touchscreen that includes physical volume and tuning knobs. In addition to this infotainment touchscreen, the all-new Accord will also feature a 7-inch driver information screen.

What engines are available on the 2018 Accord?

2018 Accord sound systems

There are a variety of sound systems available on the all-new Accord, and they change depending on which trim level you choose. The LX trim gets a 4-speaker sound system that pumps out a modest 160 watts. If you upgrade to the Sport or EX trims, then you get upgraded sound too with 8 speakers and 180 watts. Finally, you can really crank the tunes at the EX-L and Touring trims with 10 speakers and 450 watts.

2018 Honda Accord red back view

Does the latest Accord feature a heads up display?

Not only does the Accord employ two screens in the front row, but with a 6-inch heads-up display standard on the Touring trim, drivers will be more informed than ever. The heads-up display can show information such as speed, engine rpm, and more. It can even provide traffic sign recognition and turn-by-turn navigation.

2018 Accord interior and exterior styling details


One Response to “Does the new Honda Accord have 4G LTE Wi-Fi?”

  1. Richard R. Smith says:

    Honda Accord 2018 – while I get all excited about what it has as features I am FORCED to go back and look at it and see an ugly car inside and out compared to other competitors and compared to competitors I am stuck realizing that Turbo engines on an Accord are fraught with nothing but danger. Then with that backdrop you have all the features : remote diagnostics, remote speed tracking for teenagers, near field communication so pair cell phone by touching it to Accord, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – although no one should run ANY navigation app on their vehicle as it puts too much strain on your cell phone – just because an app will run on a cell phone does NOT mean it should. 8 inch touchscreen infotainment center display with full integrated dynamic embedded navigation which works fully with the 6 inch head up display available and there is a 7 inch display in the dashboard by the speedometer to keep your eyes looking ahead not over to the infotainment display way over by the passenger which would be the last place you should be looking especially for navigation.

    6 inch head up display can also put traffic sign recognition data right in front of driver view.

    Honda Accord Hybrid is not part of this up-coming pending announcement but all the way to next calendar year of 2018 before that finally happens but what is significant there is that the Hybrid will NOT have a Turbo engine. That is because Turbo and gas mileage are mutually exclusive discussions.

    Turbo – So are discussions of reliability and Turbo mutually exclusive discussions. Yet all Honda has are 1.5 and 2.0 both TURBO engines 2018 for the Accord. We have already seen the 2.0 Turbo in the Honda model R Civic and it only got 28 mpg in it 2017. The engine has been beset with maintenance issues.

    This is not going away either that Turbo engines have nothing but problems for longevity and constant tampering any more than poor gas mileage goes away with Turbo engines either.

    This is a stop-gap measure by Honda 2018 for the Accord. The features are NOT stop gap but world class better than Acura and other premium mid-sized sedans. But the Turbo only engines and the stinking lousy ugly dashboard and front grille make you choose to buy it anyway ? You might be able to overlook the ugly front fascia or even the boring speedometer, radio, glove box design inside but you had better not overlook all the issues Honda has had with the 2.0 Turbo in the model R Civic for this is a short-timer engine not destined for prime time nor a long-term answer from Honda a premier engine manufacturer.

    It’s sad really.

    I don’t see how a 6-speed manual transmission plays into the basic 2018 design of an Accord with poor gas mileage using only Turbo engines prone to nothing but maintenance issues. Proven maintenance issues.

    I have tried for years to buy an Accord. There has ALWAYS been something that kept me from doing so usually the B.S. that you had to buy a stupid 6 cylinder to have the FEATURES I wanted on an Accord. So this year I figure finally I can buy something other than 11 consecutive Camry XLE and Camry Hybrid XLE all 4 cylinder with the new 4 cylinder now getting up to 41 miles per gallon on the highway where I do all my driving here in Atlanta. And what does Honda do to the Accord ? You go and announce only Turbo – send the superheated exhaust back through the engine to burn the oil – engines 2018 in the Accord. I will die having never bought an Accord.

    And the 1.5 Turbo is CVT. I had one of those in the Camry Hybrid XLE. Is there anyone who likes CVT ? Doing a survey here.

    10-speed automatic in the Touring. Does that mean Honda that you think that is better ?

    Buy the Touring then.



    2.0 Turbo spend my days driving it to the shop to replace the oil ask for a digital temperature gauge for the engine oil and adjusting the Turbo so that it stays tuned while getting no gas mileage and a troubled engine wasting my time with the one lousy engine Honda ever made.

    No thank you.

    How can Honda have WORSE reliability, WORSE looks, and WORSE gas mileage with their ill-timed 2018 Accord they say they have compared to the 2018 Camry which is there for all to know completely ?

    Look at the car otherwise shall we ? Not sure why but rest is mostly good.

    2018 Camry XSE and SE trims are the far sexier exterior with their Lamborghini front grille than all the 2018 Accord models.

    And it’s not just the outside of the Camry XSE that looks better than the Accord models either as the sweeping dashboard on all 2018 Camry models are all better looking interiors than all the 2018 Accord models too.

    A Turbo is a performance engine. Turbo engines are not built for reliability nor for gas mileage so this is NOT what Accord is all about AT ALL. All Turbo engines take its spent exhaust and sends that back through – clearly at superheated temperatures – to overheat the oil in the engine and to make it then fail due to superheated oil in the engine. Got it ? This is also to the detriment of gas mileage as shown by the 2017 Honda Civic with this same engine 2.0 Turbo at just only 28 mpg on the highway which is awful. Turbo engines do NOT last. Turbo engines do NOT get good gas mileage. They are for PERFORMANCE like a Porsche or a Ferrari – and even they have troubles. What troubles do Turbo engines have ? Reliability, overheated oil, bad gas mileage, high maintenance, along with constant tampering and adjustments. This is then everything the Accord has NEVER BEEN.

    In addition Accord models including Hybrid next year will not come close in mpg either to the 2018 Camry normally aspirated 2.5L 4 cylinder. This new engine is the engine of the future for Toyota and this car is the # 1 selling car in America 15 consecutive years. The 2.5L will last 20 years easily and this Camry engine gets up to 41 mpg highway. It gets up to 39 mpg on XSE with more horsepower at 206 horsepower because of dual-side dual-pipe quad exhaust. The other model Camry not XSE are 203 horsepower from this same engine. And up to 53 mpg Camry Hybrid 2018. The 2.0 Touring 2018 Accord is the Honda Civic model R car engine from 2017 and it gets only 28 mpg highway in a Civic. Honda has gotten away from reliability, looks, and gas mileage with this ill-timed 2018 Accord.

    But before you think I am buying Camry number 13 and 14 now 2018 think again because Toyota insists I only can buy a 6 cylinder 2018 Camry no Hybrid no 4 cylinder to have their top-of-the-line Entune Premium which is the only viable navigation for any Camry 2018. This is impartial review of the only 2 choices for mid-sized sedans and the only 2 who really have these telematics 2018 of all the other competitors. Here Honda had a chance this one year window and you blew it Honda.

    Do not lie to me about Scout GPS Link. I do not want to hear your lies when you have not downloaded it and do not know what it does or does not do. I have downloaded it and seen it lock-up on me. I have had it just sit there too and do nothing. In addition every single time I have used it it is slow. A car in 2018 without a viable NAV is so denuded as to end selling the car to me. But then I have only bought 12 Camry since inception in a row now. So what do I know about this ? If they charge $ 5 month to download maps and $ 5 month to not show me ads in their POI then it is NOT free; it’s as they advertise it as “free with ads” or pay $ 5 month and not have ads and be able to download maps so that it does work in dead cell phone data reception areas.

    Accord has the prettier wheels 2018 although the XLE wheel is good. The black inside of the XSE wheels on the Camry are for drivers who don’t wash their cars. It’s a 40 thousand dollar car and if you wash it it should shine with chrome.

    HUD – head up display is 10 inch Camry 6 inch Accord. Advantage Camry.

    Seats with Lumbar – Camry is one way Lumbar and 8-way seat back adjustments while the Accord is 12-way seat back adjustments and 4-way Lumbar adjustments with just more seat adjustments which is always good for long drives to the beach or across country to San Francisco. Advantage Accord.

    Cruise Control – advantage Accord over Camry.

    Traffic Sign Recognition – advantage Accord.

    Fog Light Option – advantage Accord.

    What else do you give up without embedded NAV on all other non 6 cylinder 2018 Camry ? The head up display can no longer then be programmed with speed limit, elapsed time gadget, nor name of next street coming-up at next intersection if there is no NAV. Why have Head up Display HUD then Toyota on any 4 cylinder or Hybrid ? You simply put have not thought this through Toyota. It’s too obvious.

    I looked at all the other manufacturers and none of them have what the Accord and Camry have in 2018. What are you going to do to sell your mid-sized sedans ? Quit ?

    Folks buy cars that are not sedans because they try to figure where the family pet fits in in the vehicle. I would prefer a sedan personally but I will keep my 4 banger with NAV and forget 41 mpg highway 2018 because I dare to say Honda was right to discontinue the 6 cylinder because who needs 301 horsepower and 32 or 33 mpg highway Camry V6 to buy embedded NAV ? Not I.

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