Your lease is nearing its end. That can be an exciting time, but it also raises some questions.

The most important one? Where to bring your car now that your time with it's wrapping up? The team at Indy Honda can help. When you visit our dealership, you'll find the finance and leasing expertise you need to enjoy a worry-free lease-end experience.

Understanding Your Lease-End Steps (and Options)

What happens when your lease terms reaches its end? Many drivers will want to have an independent inspection arranged. A dealership like Indy Honda can arrange for that inspection to happen. Once it's finished, you'll be presented with an estimate of any repair costs you'll be expected to cover prior to or after the return of your vehicle.

Then again, that depends on if you choose to return the vehicle at all. You actually several options of what happens when your lease period ends.

  • Return the Car. You drop your vehicle off at a dealership like Indy Honda, and we process the return. You may have fees to pay depending on your contract terms.
  • Extend Your Lease. You decide you'd like to stay with your leased vehicle a little bit longer. We can help you extend your current lease and set you up with a more comfortable endpoint.
  • Buy Your Leased Vehicle. What if you decide you want to keep your car for the long haul. Indy Honda's experts can help you buy it with a payment plan that's favorable to you! You can keep enjoying the vehicle you love for less.

Contact Indy Honda Today and Get Started

For all your lease end, lease extension, and general vehicle needs, contact the experts at Indy Honda. We serve drivers all over the greater Indianapolis area and we'd love to help you with your leasing process and set you up with a new Honda model.

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